Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hope For Another. . .

My friend through bloggy land, Connie and her amazing family, are setting off on their 6th adoption journey to China to adopt their 11th child!  I have followed Connie's blog since the beginning of our family's adoption journey back in 2006.  Connie is always encouraging her readers through sharing from her heart - even about difficult situations - and through sharing God's Word on her blog.  If you have never been to Connie's blog, take a look .
You'll be glad you did! 

And you might want to take a look like. . .now because Connie is having an adoption fundraiser to help them bring home their sweet girl.  She is giving away a Nikon D5100.  Now I could really use one of those to take fabulous pics of all of my kiddos!  You better hurry, the give-away ends in only a few days.  


connie said...

Thank you, J! You crack me up! You remind me of a sweet friend of mine. Best of luck to you, sista!!!

connie said...

Oh, I almost forgot, I'm trying to get my DH to write a post from his heart. It's just so hard to get him to stop for a second...except to sign paperwork - lol!