Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We Are Home!

We are thankful to be home. Ellie is doing well but I don't have time to get into any details. Our Fulton had a battle w/ a kidney stone 2 weeks ago and the pain started again today. We have to go back to the city we just left today to take him to a urologist at 8:40 AM. Another bright and early morning when Ellie and me really need to sleep in! Please pray that we get some answers to what is causing the stones and that he can have them treated so he doesn't suffer again like last time. Also, we will be taking Ellie with us as we don't want to leave her so soon after surgery so please pray that she tolerates the trip well.

Bright and early on Tuesday morning right after we arrived at the hospital oblivious to what was about to happen.

Waiting to be taken back to the OR with "wa-wa" (Chinese word for doll).

Last night about 8 hours after surgery was complete.

This morning playing with a new puzzle that a friend brought to the hospital. Looking much better here!

Coming home 24 hours after the surgery with her "no- no"s on.


trina said...

Bless her heart. Glad all is ok. We will pray for you trip tomorrow and the docs will find answers.

Machell said...


Glad to see that Ellie is doing good. Sorry about Fulton ... hope you find out answers to his Kidney Stones. I know they are no fun. I'll be praying for him.


Bo and Becky said...

Glad to hear you are home and that Ellie is doing well. Praying for answers to Fulton's kidney stones.

Cousin Sheri said...

Been praying since Momma called last night. So sorry this was added to your plate this week but you are strong in the Lord and I know you can get through it;one moment at a time.

The Smith's said...

So glad to hear that Ellie is doing so well. We are sorry to hear about Fulton. I too have had a kidney stone so I know that it is very painful. Hopefully the Doc's can get this treated and he won't have another one.


Danny and Rebecca said...

So great to see Ellie last night with that same smile on her face!
love, Rebecca