Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2 Unrelated Events from our Last Night in China

If you have followed our blog on this trip, you know that Nikki is a special friend whom we met when we adopted Lilly. I had shared with Nikki about our beliefs as Christians first when we spent hours together at Lilly's bedside and then we continued our discussions via e-mail once I returned home. David and I decided to take a Bible to Nikki on this adoption trip to get Ellie. I was a little unsure as to what her reaction would be. I was afraid she might be offended and think we were being too pushy. I prayed throughout our time in Guangzhou that God would allow a time where we could talk openly about our Christian faith to Nikki and prayed for her heart to be accepting of our words. God provided the perfect time on the last evening before we left. Nikki came to our hotel room and spent over an hour with us. She loved the Bible. She said it was the first Bible she had ever had, and she was absolutely thrilled to have it. She said she couldn't wait to read it. She asked lots of questions, and God gave me just the right words to say. Please pray for Nikki as she begins to read her Bible and that God's word would speak to her heart.

Nikki reading the letters that Shelby and Katie sent. She was so happy that they took the time to write her.

Event # 2: (completely unrelated to the above!)

Can you guess by the picture below?
In the Holiday Inn on our last morning in China, we saw the unwelcomed visitor that we suspected had been visiting our kitchen area in the wee hours of the morning. The day before we left, I had accidentally left a bag of bread open on the counter. I noticed that morning that chunks were gone; not small bits say from a roach. The bread was tossed, and we knew it was likely a mouse. We only had 1 day and night left so we just wrapped and sealed everything well and moved most food items out of the kitchen. The next morning, the day of departure, we were up much earlier than normal. I went in the kitchen area and noticed the chunk missing from the pear, and then I quickly left. David soon went in the kitchen area to fix our instant coffee. He said "I heard something!" I was busy packing and didn't pay much attention. Then a few minutes later, he yelled "It's a rat!" David actually saw it crawl over the fridge and above the vent of the oven. He said it was much bigger than the country mice we see our dogs and cats bring home from our woods. We were so glad to be checking out that morning. We did report it to the hotel staff on our way out. By the way, we were on the 13th floor!

The kitchen area where the rat came to visit each night while we slept. YUCK! YUCK!


Doreen said...

ICK to the rodent!

Doreen in Montreal single Mom to Faith-Jiangxi & Mia-Sichuan

Cousin Sheri said...

So glad that Nikki was accepting of the Bible. What a blessing y'all are to her!
So, how many times did you wash things once you discovered the bread?

Danny and Rebecca said...

Have had you on my heart and mind to see how things are going this week. I am so thankful for your prayers for Nikki and her accepting the Bible. I know your love for her and communication with her will be used by the Lord for her good and His glory.

You are braver than I would be on the rodents...yuk

eastandwest said...

Wow, I'm so inspired by your gift to Nikki. I went to a banquet for Remember Those (the persecuted church)last night and they spoke of God's movement in China. How awesome that you could be a part of that!

Hope you all are adjusting well!