Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday, Ethan!

Happy Birthday Ethan! It was chocolate chip pancakes for Ethan's birthday breakfast. He loves pancakes and has been asking when we could have them.

Father and son jamming to some guitar tunes. It actually has some classic rock-n-roll tunes that I recognize!

An early morning duet by Ethan and Lilly. They both received these guitars for their birthdays.

Ethan is so proud of his new bike and his new Batman helmet. Batman is his new love!

Ethan learned to ride his bike without training wheels while we were in China adopting Ellie. He learned at David's house (thanks Mary Beth and Frank). Well, ever since he learned how to really ride a bike, he has been asking for a new "big" bike. This was his last gift to open today, and he was SO excited when his Dad rolled out this shiny new bike. He said, "It is perfect and just what I needed!".

David is taking Ethan, his best friend David, and Fulton to ride a real train this weekend so Ethan decided he would like a train cake for his birthday this year. A big thank you to a dear friend from church who made this most beautiful as well as delicious cake. Ethan loved it. Thanks, Stacy!

Ethan (and David) blowing out his candles. If anyone else would have tried to help Ethan blow out his candles, he would have been upset, but Ethan and David are such good buddies that Ethan didn't care one bit!

Ethan and his best friend David had a special seat out on our porch. The entire party would have been outside, but God sent us much needed rain on and off that evening so most of the festivities were inside.

Ethan and Lilly both had great birthdays and a great birthday party. A big thank you to our family and close friends who gave such wonderful gifts. Also thanks to those who sent birthday cards in the mail which is a huge "gift" for a child to actually receive real mail! They have enjoyed it ALL!


Danny and Rebecca said...

Loved seeing all the pictures and I know the birthday party for Ethan and Lilly was super fun for all! I can not believe how much Ethan looks so grown up all of a sudden in these pictures!
love ya,

Sharon said...

Thank you for sharing your special party with us! It looks like you had a WONDERFUL birthday and we LOVE your new bike and helmet! You'll have to show Brinley how to ride without training wheels. I know she will be impressed!

Sorry this is a day late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ethan!!

We love you!
Miss Sharon, Mr. Marty, Brice, Brinley and Bailey