Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Resurrection Day!

We had a wonderful day celebrating the resurrection of our Lord. Our church's sunrise service was beautiful. Each year it is held down by the pond, and it is so amazing to take in all of God's creation. We hope that you also had a special day with family remembering the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross over 2,000 years ago, and that He lives today!

What a lovely little group except that we are missing Ellie. Next year there will be 6- WOW!

Ready to go to the sunrise service. Thankfully it started at 8:00 not 6:00, so we made it on time- no small feat for this group. Here Lilly is practicing showing that she is 2 years old. She has a little trouble holding down that other finger. Oh well, she will be ready when she turns 3!

Ethan and Lilly enjoying the candy from their eggs that they found at our church's Easter egg hunt.

Lilly looks a little confused, but she had lots of helpers who spotted the eggs and then led her straight to them. Thanks to Katie and Mary Francis for helping Lilly find her first Easter eggs.

It was quite a brisk morning since Easter was celebrated so early this year. Ethan also had a great time hunting for eggs.

Fulton showing off his loot. He found more than most children and with a little coaxing, he did share a few eggs with his siblings and others.

Katie and Lilly taking a break from finding eggs. Lilly sure enjoyed her first Easter Egg hunt.


Bobby and Jennifer Barbee and family said...

What a beautiful Bryant Bunch!!! Lainie enjoyed her first egg hunt too! Looking forward to seeing you all again in April!!!

Sharon said...

Everyone looks so nice in their Easter outfits! Next year you'll have Ellie here with you to celebrate this joyous day! :)


Celulite said...

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Danny and Rebecca said...

Super pictures! I love the new design with the children's pics!!! And, what a blessing you have in your children. Shelby is so mature in her faith and in her praying in front of others. Wednesday night it was heart warming to be in prayer with her and how she lifts prayers for so many different areas of life. No doubt she has parents who pray with and for her too! What a testimony your family is to others.
love, Rebecca