Monday, April 14, 2008

As we wait for Ellie!

As we wait for Ellie, we have been very busy! Here is a glimpse of some of the fun we have all had over the last several weeks! Missing are pictures of David and the boys fishing- forgot to take the camera-oops! Also missing are pictures from baseball games. We have been out at the field quite a bit, but again we have forgotten the camera! We' ll do better, and yes, we have plenty of games left to capture Fulton doing his thing!

My dear friend Cyndi invited us to go along with her to the Casting Crowns concert. Cyndi rode with another friend so I don't have a picture of her. Here are my good friends Sharon and Kim.
It was a wonderful evening and and a very moving time of worship for me. Thank you, Cyndi!

Getting a hug from Katie before going to the concert.

David playing his role as the "strong" father! Here he is man-handeling Lilly and Ethan as we were attempting to get everybody in position for a picture with friends of ours who were visiting. They have 4 children so it was quite the task!

Lilly had quite a good time playing in a puddle on our patio. It was just the 2 of us at home, and it was so fun watching her delight in a simple puddle of water.

Have I ever mentioned that Lilly loves to climb? Well she does. Here she is taking a rest on Mimi's coffee table. Notice the Easter candy she is waiting ever so patiently for some sweet soul to open for her.

Shelby and Katie opened up "S & K Nail Salon" on a recent Friday night. I received a pedicure and manicure as well as a massage. I was treated marvelously I might add. When I was finished, little Miss Lilly had to be pampered as well!

Just minding her own business as her cute little footsies soak! Like they needed it! Feet don't get much cuter than her little size 4s!

Lilly really enjoyed soaking her feet in the tub. "This is the life, Mommy!" Too bad Ellie was not here to join in on the fun!

Now Lilly is all the way in the foot tub! Can you tell she had a blast at her first "nail salon"?


Kim said...

YAAAAA! You found time to post! I love the pictures. And please call me next time the salon opens. I am way overdue! Keep the faith- our LOA's will be here soon! Love, Kim

Sharon said...

Jan, I stole your picture of the three of us and put it on my blog too! :) I had such a great time!

We'll have to do it again soon!


The Smith's said...


What great photos of your family and friends that you have added to your blog. I look forward to the day that we will see little Ellie's photos too.



Rebecca and Danny said...

What fun to see the pictures. My feet need pampering too!! Well, so does my back,etc...HA!! It was great to see your smile and to see your friends too. I know you enjoyed your time with them.
love you,