Saturday, February 23, 2008

Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year

Lilly enjoyed her first Valentine's Day party and ate lots and lots of candy!

Lilly had a wonderful time helping to decorate her cookie. Well, actually she just had fun eating all the M and M's.

Shelby, Katie, and Fulton decorating their bags at our homeschool Valentine's Day Party.

Celebrating Valentine's Day at Chuck E. Cheese. It was great fun for all of us!!!

Katie and Ethan having fun in the tunnels at Chuck E. Cheese.

Lilly was afraid of Clifford so here I am with Lilly. A tight squeeze for sure!

To celebrate CNY, we ate Chinese food with our good friends, the Millenders and then shot LOTS of fireworks. Lilly really liked the sparklers, but she was a little dangerous with it! No concept of fire!

Bailey, Lilly, and Brinley taking a break from the fireworks! What cutie pies!


Lauren said...

Aww...they are all so precious :)

Danny and Rebecca said...

Cute! I left a message but it did not post while I was gone...was guessing what was going on!