Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lilly and Lainie

Back in January (sorry, I'm not real good at posting current happenings), our family went to visit Lilly's friend and orphanage mate, Lainie and her family. We traveled together to get the girls and this was our second time visiting since our trip to China. We always have a great time with Lainie and her family. Thank you again for your hospitality- especially "Nannie" who had us over for lunch unexpectedly! Now it's your turn to come visit! Let's set a date!

Lilly and Lainie: two very serious and tired- looking litttle girls! Worn out from so much fun I guess.

Here are our special Chenzhou sisters again! They did well with one another and had lots of fun!

Here are some of Lilly and Lainie's siblings: Fulton, Will, Jillian, and Katie having a ball.

Shelby holding Lainie and Trey holding Lilly. Just swapping little sisters for a minute!

January 7: Happy Birthday Katie! We celebrated a second time with her extended family. We love you.

January 5- Katie celebrating her 9th birthday at Chuck E. Cheese with her friends.


Cyndi said...

That is great that you guys live close enough to be able to get the girls together. They will cherish that in years to come. Love all the pictures. Hope you are doing well.

Kim said...

Yes, I do check your blog and it was time to post something! Just kidding. I haven't talked to you lately, I hope you all are well and staying away from the sick bugs!Call me when you have time. Yeah right.

Kim said...
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Danny and Rebecca said...

Great to see Lanie and Lilly together again!
love, Rebecca