Friday, October 19, 2012

In Case You Need A Laugh

It has been another busy week.  I should be asleep yet I just have to share - mainly so I won't forget. 
After David returned from his trek to the nearby town where all of our kids' activities are (still asking myself why we don't move there?) to take 2 kiddos to their school's last football game, one of those 2 kids (who shall remain nameless) tells us he has to "type something".  It's 9:00 by now.  His bed time is 9:30.  Well  "type something" actually means a 3 page paper. . . due TOMORROW.  Did I mention that "Nameless" doesn't type.  He pecks.  "Nameless" didn't bother to do this assignment, which he has known about for 3 days, while he sat around for 90 minutes after school waiting to go to above mentioned football game.  Let's just say, after a good lecture, a coveted privelege removed, and a few tears, he went to bed. "Nameless" did not "type something" and will be starting from a possible 90 points rather than 100 when he turns his assignment in on Monday.
10 minutes later, son #2 walks downstairs and proceeds to tell me for the 200th 20th time that he does NOT want to go to the parent teacher conference before I take he and his friends to a fun place to celebrate his birthday, and after I calmly tell him it is NOT an option as said conference and said party are in above mentioned nearby town 30 minutes from home, my husband said something that made me laugh and find joy when I had very little left. . . As we were discussing our not so serene evening with our precious sons, I humbly stated "I didn't even raise my voice."  My witty husband replied "I might have lost my mind, but I didn't raise my voice either." 

Maybe that's not funny.  But to this tired mom on a Thursday night, it was hysterical!

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