Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Fighter!

Tao Tao as a 3month old

Tao Tao as a malnourished 18 month old

After we returned home from China with Leiney Grace, my aunt told me not to look at waiting children's photos.  I love my aunt dearly and respect her greatly, but I think we all know that I have not complied with her request.  God has used the orphan crisis to Break. My. Heart. I never knew back in 2006 that this was God's plan.  Adoption at that point had just as much to do with me as with the child I was adopting.  David and I signed up to adopt one child and truly thought our family would be complete. I never suspected that I would return from China in 2007 and  be a completely different person.  But I did.  Never did I think I would return to China in 2008.  And 2010.  And 2012.  But I did.  Never did I think I would have 8 kids.  But I do.  Never did I think I would tell God after 8 children that  "Here I am. If you will equip me, Lord, I will go.  I will love and care for another."  But I have and I do.  As long as I am able and God calls and is willing to equip me, I will go.  (Yes, I know He has to call David too!)
The above pictures are of just one child of many whom my heart has recently been broken for.  This little fellow was found abandoned at 3 months old with a repaired cleft lip.  That says a lot about his birth family and his beginning in life.  Yet, Tao Tao also has a complex heart defect.  Tetralogy of Fallot.  The same as Leiney Grace had.  Apparently that diagnosis proved to be too much for his birth parents.  As you can see from the baby picture, Tao Tao had bright eyes and good color.  That was when he was found.  Then 15 months later, this precious little one was suffering from severe malnutrition and living in an orphanage.  In fact, he only weighed 5.4 kg at 19 months.  That's 11 pounds, 8 ounces.  Lilly, who also suffered from malnutrition when we adopted her, weighed 17 pounds at the same age.  Some of you remember how frail, thin, and sickly she was.  He weighs 5 to 6 pounds less than she did.  That breaks my heart. And I hope it breaks yours.
We are not adopting this little one although we thought and prayed about it for weeks.  However, God has still called me to help this child, one of the least of these.  And I am.  I am doing all I can to get him the medical help he so desperately needs.  Love Without Boundaries has contacted his orphanage who is very receptive of outside help for Tao Tao. The last email I received stated that Tao Tao's ECHO would be sent to a cardiologist in Shanghai to determine what medical intervention he needs first - a heart cath or surgery.  LWB will send him to Shanghai for the procedure.  Please join me in praying for this little one who is indeed a "Fighter"!  He needs surgery to repair his heart, and he needs a forever family.  His file is available from the shared list so any agency can pull it.  I also have it so please email me with any questions! 


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