Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sweet Gestures

Lilly's friend Abby, who she met at kindergarten this year, gave the above purse to us for Leiney Grace.

This is what was inside - $9.04!  Oh, how my heart melted by such a sweet gesture from a child of 5 years.  Abby is also adopted from China. How can one not be touched by such a sacrificial gift from one child for another child who waits in an orphanage for her turn to be the chosen one. 

Another sweet gesture from Shelby and Katie's dear friend, Emily.  Emily donated to Hudson's adoption as well.  This time, out of the blue, she sent this note with $20 for Leiney Grace.  Once again my heart was truly touched by such sweet kindness from a child teen! (sorry Emily : )
To Emily and Abby:
Thank you so much for your love of our family and for your love for our Leiney Grace.  We are most grateful for your kindness!


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

How precious! The gifts from children are the sweetest and most sincere....and knowing Abby's background makes it all the more!


Jenn said...

Abby has been picking up spare change all over the house. She may be making another donation :) I told her every little penny helps!

Emily E. Rose said...

I wish I had taken greater care with my hand-writing if I knew you were to do this!! Mercy!
(Love you all SO MUCH. Shelby, might I say how much I miss you. Let us both set aside our academics for an afternoon and get together, please. I hope to spend a week with each-other over Christmas break; as we did in the summer. If we can somehow work that out, how BLESSED my heart would be!! I miss your encouragement and love for Jesus. Please email me soon, and write whenever you can. Miss you too, Katie! Thanks for your letter ~ a reply is soon to be underway!!)