Monday, November 28, 2011

Next Best Thing to LOA. . .

An Update - Yeah!

We were thrilled  to receive an email today from Angela at "Ladybugs N Love".  We recently sent a care package to Leiney Grace through Angela and also paid for Angela to contact the orphanage on our behalf to ask 10 questions.  We were able to choose the questions and the answers revealed to us just a little glimps of who this little girl we call Leiney Grace really is.

1.Is child taking medication for her heart condition?
She’s received expectant treatment.

2.Specifically how is her health - is she having colds, pneumonia often?
She’s been healthy. She sometimes catches a cold, but no pneumonia.

3.Does she know she has a family and has she been shown our pictures from the care package?
She knows she has a new family. She has received the care package and been shown the pictures.

4.How does she feel about being adopted and coming to another country?
She is very happy about it and looks forward to be with her new parents.

5.What are her favorite foods, drinks?
She is not picky eater.

6.What are her favorite things to do?
Play games with her little friends.
7.What are her fears?

8.Who is she closest to in the SWI?
Director Wang, her caregivers and teachers, and her best frined Min Yan Xia.

9.What are her favorite toys?

10.What comforts her when she is upset, sick?
Family and friends’ love and care.
There you have it!  Today was day 45 of our LOA wait and although I was hopeful it would come today, it did not.  But the next best thing to LOA is an update, and we are so thankful to our God for providing it.  We are also praising God that Leiney Grace knows she has a family and that she has seen our pictures.  She knows!  That is so powerful to me.  We aren't together yet in the physical sense, but on another level, we have been united.  She knows!  Now please Lord send our LOA so we can  bring our girl home!


Sharon said...

Jan, Leiney Grace looks WONDERFUL!! So glad you got an update through Angela!

Love hearing more about your girl! I think she will fit right in! :)


P.S. We got an update yesterday too. :)

Pam said...

Sorry for the no LOA, but Leiney Grace looks really, really good. And she sounds SO sweet.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


I'm so thrilled for you! My heart skipped a beat because I felt that excitement for you! I know how important updates and this information is to a mama's heart! You know she just looks like she fits perfectly into your family! I can see her right in there in your family pic! I will pray LOA comes SOON! She looks darling in her outfit too!

Oh, I'm excited! Congratulations on the update!

Hugs and Blessings,
Tammy & Family

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Oh yeah, and I'm glad to hear that her health sounds good from what we read! This is good!


Love, Tammy

Our Chocolate House said...

Jan. . .I just wanted to let you know that we are praying for your family always. We are excited to hear the update! Leigh

Rebecca Sibley said...

What a great update! Love ya!

Emily E. Rose said...

Awh, how sweet!!!!! I can't WAIT TO MEET HER! And Shelby Bryant! Please respond to my letter I REAAALLLLLYYYYY WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU...booohoohoohooooooo. ;) Love all of you. Thank you for the sweet note, Mrs. Jan. It made me cry. :) Blessings, -Em