Friday, September 2, 2011

Quite an assortment of pictures which sum up the month of August for our family.  The highlight of the month was celebrating Granny's 91st birthday.  This birthday, celebrated in a nursing home, was vastly different from last year when we grilled steaks at our house.  Yet we did have a wonderful time, and I think Granny really enjoyed seeing so many of her friends and family all at the same time.  She surprised us all when she started attempting to blow out her candles.  She gave it her all and with a little help, blew them all out.   Granny told us her cake was delicious, and she also loved receiving such a big bouquet of red roses from my father.

August always means the start of a new school year.  This year we have changed things up a bit!  Shelby, now a high school freshmen, is being homeschooled except for 3 classes which she takes at a homeschool resource center.  Fulton is reluctanatly at home for all of his classes, but after a fairly rough start, he has accepted his fate -at least for his 5th grade year - and is making the most of it!  Ethan and Lilly are venturing away  from home at a Chinese immersion school.  It too has been a little bumpy! Who knew 2nd graders were suppossed to know SO much?  Not this homeschool mom!  Hopefully the sailing will be much smoother for the rest of the year.  That leaves Ellie and Hudson who are also being homeschooled.  Ellie and I are using My Father's World kindergarten curriculum although she is technically K4 age.  She loves it and is so eager to learn!  Hudson, well, he gets a little preschool time in when one of us finds a few free moments.  He also likes sitting in during my lessons with Ellie so I know he will get more than I may think.  Hudson is very proud of homeschooling as he says quite often "I homeschool." Last but not least, Katie!  No pictures of Katie, our 7th grader, because she hasn't started yet.  She will be attending a brand new Christian school which has been under construction and will open on Tuesday.  She is excited to say the least as she has wanted to go to school for a long time!  I sure will miss her though because she has had lots of free time which I have helped her utilize with all kinds of tasks - babysitting, watering plants, preschool time, babysitting while I pick up the other kids, etc.  She may miss us when she is gone all day but not all of the extra things I have asked of her.   Yet, she has been a good sport and had a super attitude.  However, she did mention that she hopes next year her school starts when everyone else's does : )

Although way over due, Hudson was finally baptized at the end of August.  He wore one of Fulton and Ethan's old outfits.  I am so thankful that I saved a few special clothing items from the older girls and the boys.  After Ethan, I sure thought our family was complete.  Well, God obviously had a very different plan.  More about that in the very near future! 

The snake. . .well, let's just say we are very thankful that we have outdoor dogs who alerted us to the rather large canebrake rattlesnake in our backyard. 

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