Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Big Day!

One Step Closer. . .

We were in the midst of homeschooling this morning when we heard the Fed Ex truck pull in our driveway.  What a great excuse to ditch homeschooling and run to the front door (Ethan is being homeschooled again - long story).  The boys were so excited even after they heard is was just a package with lots of papers.  Yes, our dossier arrived today, fully authenticated - Yippee!  Well, our dossier minus the USCIS approval letter.  As we wait for that last document, we will send our dossier on to our agency, BAAS, so it will be ready to go!

Ellie is super excited about Leiney Grace becoming a member of our family.  She prays for her daily.  It's so cute - she always asks the Lord to help Leiney Grace feel better.  We haven't heard Leiney Grace is sick so maybe Ellie just thinks she feels bad being in China without her family!

This was the one gift that Ellie specifically asked for - "A boy Barbie".  I am sure her smile reveals just how excited she was with this gift.  She and Lilly have enjoyed playing with Shelby and Katie's old Barbies so now I guess it is time to add some new ones to the collection! 

Happy 5th Birthday, Ellie!


Rebecca Sibley said...

WOW, can't believe how time flies...Love the pics!!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Congratulations, Jan! It seems like things are rolling right along! I must email you and catch up on these details! I'm really excited for you guys! Leiney Grace is so cute! I can just see her in your family photos already! :)