Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kids Got Talent

Our local home school support group hosts a "Talent Night" each spring. This year was our family's 1st year of participating. The display of God -given talent was impressive.

Shelby and Fulton both played piano pieces. This is Fulton's 1st year of lessons,and we are so proud of his hard work. He enjoys playing the piano and did great at his 1st "Talent Night".

Shelby has taken piano for 5 years. She worked very hard to play Fur Elise by Beethoven in its entirety. She has progressed so much this year with her new teacher. Unlike her mother, Shelby actually enjoys practicing. She sits down at the piano numerous times each day to play and practice her pieces. Hopefully she will stick with it and use her talent all of her days to glorify God.

Katie sang "A City on Our Knees" by Toby Mack. She has never taken voice lessons, but she did amazingly well. In my book, she would have done an amazing job even if her singing had been atrocious. Just to stand on stage - alone - and sing. Her Mama sure doesn't have courage like that - not now or ever!

Our Littles wanted to display their talent as well - a little "BIBLE" with sign language was the act. Ethan was struggling with wanting the spotlight all to himself. This was after he had already sang 4 solos for us. We had a little word of prayer with him about pride and selfishness.

No word on LOA. Tomorrow is Day 60! Surely we must be close. We have not received any updates on Hudson either although we hope and pray for one soon.

Please pray for Isabelle: recently adopted from Kunming, where Ellie is from. ISabelle had heart surgery over 2 weeks ago and is still hospitalized. She has recovered well from the surgical procedure itself, but now she is fighting a bacterial infection and will require about a week of IV antibiotics. This family is precious and I know they are worn out from this ordeal. Please say a prayer for Elaine, Phil, Isabelle, and their other 4 girls, Torie, Michaela, Anna Grace, and Sarah Mei who are having to survive all this time without having their mom at home.


Cousin Sheri said...

Oh, my , I forgot Fulton was performing, too! Way to go everyone! Congrats on reading Lilly and Ellie Jean. You can help John-Parker with his letters next visit.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Doesn't that make you so proud? I think that's great and having the opportunities like that for the kids to perform is so important! I'm a piano teacher, so I love to hear of kids loving piano enough to stop by the piano daily and practice! That's the makings of a good pianist! :)

Yes, come on LOA!

Have a great Monday!


Sharon said...

Yep....Brinley & Ethan would make quite a pair! LOL

Way to go Fulton, Shelby and Katie! :)