Thursday, November 19, 2009

Too Funny Not to Share

Ethan and Lilly were outside playing- in their clothes- and then came in, went upstairs, and came back down looking like this. The older children and I decided that Ethan definitely needs a little brother. Good thing we are going back for a BOY! More on our little one soon! Back to Ethan and Lilly as the story gets even better. They went outside in their swimsuits with the strict instruction of not getting wet. As they were playing outdoors, Katie overheard Lilly say. "Ethan, we can be naked like Adam and Eve in the garden." Thankfully, Ethan knew better, and the bathing suits stayed on :) I am impressed with Lilly's recollection of the Bible story, but a mom can only let imaginative play go so far!


Rebecca Sibley said...

Yep, a brother it is!! Am praying and love ya'll!!

Sharon said...

ROFL!!! Oh my word but those two are funny!!! Good thing we live in the south where it's nice and warm! LOL

Kim said...

Ethan looks so old in that picture. And he looks more like Fultan! Wow, your boys are surely not babies anymore. Yep, time for another little boy! Love, Kim