Saturday, November 7, 2009

Smocked Clothes For Sale

Rosalina "United Nations" jumper size 3T. Great for all year: short-sleeved blouse in warmer weather and turtleneck or long-sleeve blouse in winter. Price:$25 plus approximately $5 shipping.

Rosalina Christmas bishop size 3T. Beautiful! I found our older daughter's Christmas bishop in a box in the attic- size 3T so I only need one of these dresses. Don't you need the other one???? Price $30 plus approximately $5 shipping.
These are brand new dresses with tags. I purchased them this summer before looking in my hand-me-down box in my attic. And, now that we are ******* again, I need $$$$ much more than my daughters need these dresses. They are size 3T.
Leave a comment with your e-mail if you are interested or have questions. And tell a friend if you are not. Thanks :)


Elaine said...

Great idea!! I'll buy the Around the World dress!! I'll put a check in the mail this evening. I feel honored to get such a beautiful dress for our Chinese princess, Isabelle, waiting in China and to be helping bring your son home. What fun!

Kim said...

so when are you going to fill in those of us who don't know yet?!?
Curious in Matthews, NC

Sharon said...

Jan, I will spread the word about the 3T Christmas bishop dress! Hope it sells quickly for you!

Love ya!

Rebecca Sibley said...

Glad this adopted 'grandmama' reads between lines! Praying for ya'll!! So wonderful to see everyone recently too and get in a short visit. Miss ya lots!

Cousin Sheri said...

I sure wish we had a little girl! Oh, well, not to be-good luck with the sale and I love the pics from Candy night.

Loveya see ya soon!

Bella said...

That is so cool!