Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shelby's Cafe

Shelby loves to cook and bake. She has spoiled us many times with her homemade, from scratch, blueberry muffins which are so delicious. (Beats the box muffins her mom makes:) ) A few weeks ago, she made a complete meal all on her own. Again, no boxes involved! She treated us to "Crunchy coated chicken breasts" and "Oven baked carrot fries" . Both recipes were from her Williams and Sonoma: The Kid's Cookbook. She also included a side dish of creamed corn which tasted better than mine! Seriously, it did, and I told her so. She combined frozen yellow corn with a can of creamed corn and added some secret ingredients. Yummy! You know how some people simply just have a special touch when it comes to cooking? Well, I do declare that my Shelby has it, and it was most likely an inherited trait from her great-grandmother, "Granny". Thanks, Shelby and when will you be cooking again?


eastandwest said...

Sweet Shelby! She makes even that apron look good. :)

You asked on my blog if Grace was in MFW 1 and she is. We aren't necessarily committed to finishing it this year since she's in K but we did K last year. MFW K was a perfect reading program for her. I hope it is a good fit for your little ones too!

Have you done Adventures? I am so looking forward to that! We are doing American Girls Club and I think it would go along nicely!

I hope you have a wonderful homeschool year!

Elaine said...

Shelby, The food looks delicious!! You are such a blessing! Thanks for your hospitality on Sunday.

K girl said...

Great job Shelby! cooking for your family is one way you are preparing to be a great mom!!!
Love you so,

Renee Bozard said...


Are you for hire at the Bozard house?

Rebecca Sibley said...

When am I going to be invited over???!!!??? I knew she could cook..I remember when she made dessert for you when Jennifer kept them one time!

Cousin Sheri said...

Shelby- girl you got some of Nanny's ability, too, 'cause she made the best cream corn I ever tasted. Now I want to taste yours! And next time you come stay here you can do the cooking-ha!