Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Special Father - Daughter Evening

The Purity Ball:

I was very thankful that the girls were able to wear the dresses from my sister's wedding to the Purity Ball. I was afraid that they might complain that they looked like "twins", but they didn't mention it! The ball was held in a hotel not too far from home. We found out about it through our homeschooling accountability group. Shelby and Katie were very excited to go to a ball with their daddy!
David and the girls just arrived home as I was posting this. They had a wonderful evening and said they each felt a little like a princess. They signed a pledge to remain pure until marriage which David also signed. They each received a tiarra and a framed picture with the signed pledge. Oh, and 2 people asked them if they were twins! They actually get asked that pretty frequently even when they aren't dressed alike! What a special evening and one that I hope Shelby and Katie will always remember.


eastandwest said...

So beautiful- the girls and their pledge to purity!

I get asked if Grace and Moli are twins too- but that's a little strange. :)

Rebecca Sibley said...

How special! And, I had to look and look at the pictures to see if you posted the same daughter twice instead of one of each of them...they really are beginning to look alike! Must mean I need to see all of you!!

K girl said...

That is sooo awesome! you guys are the neatest "twins" i've met!

Cousin Sheri said...

Just love that they got to attend a Purity Ball with their Daddy! And yes, Katie is 'catching up' to Shelby.

Love ya,