Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Fun

After seeing the cute little wolf driving a car on the Great Wolf Lodge commercial, we decided to give it a try. It was a great time, and we highly recommend it. Tons of fun all in one place, and something for all ages. Enjoy the pictures.

Lilly came down with a mild stomach virus on our first full day at the Lodge. She did have fun for half a day on the day we arrived. She was a trooper though and bounced back quickly so she could have some more fun the next day.

Lilly wasn't quite up to full-speed yet which means she was about like the average child :)

Have you figured out why Ethan was not in the 2 pictures with the rest of his siblings? Yep, that strong-will was exerting its ugly self. Oh well, by the grace of God we will survive his childhood and live to hopefully see him parent some children just like him! I remember my mom telling me that, and I just said it. Oh no!

The 2 little girls whom God used to start a beautiful friendship. On the way to the Great Wolf Lodge, we stopped by to see our dear friends, the Barbees. We had a wonderful visit as we always do.

Tea for 3? No, subs and chips please! Lainie was still warming up to Lilly and Ellie whereas Lilly and Ellie saw new toys and just made themselves at home.

All together: 4 adults, 10 kids. It still amazes me how God brought our 2 families together. He placed a love in our hearts for orphans, called us each to adopt a child from China, and then led us to 2 precious girls from the same orphanage in China. In His perfect way, He has created a beautiful friendship that I will always treasure.

Vacation Bible School is always a highlight of our summer. This year was no exception. We all had an awesome week at "Son Rock Kid's Camp".

Fulton at bat! He and his team had a great season and actually won the championship for his league. We are so proud of Fulton for all of his hard work. His coach said he was the most improved from last year. Way to go!

One of Fulton's biggest fans with the best seat in the house. Little Ellie cheers for Fulton with her whole heart. The blow-pops and other sugar treats are just an added bonus for the siblings of the players.

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