Monday, July 27, 2009

Prayer Need

Fasting for Cindy- Monday, July 27

I had never really fasted before, but Cindy's story touched me so that I had to participate in this fast organized by Linny ( I did not eat breakfast this morning, but I will readily admit to having my coffee otherwise my children/students would have had a rough day in homeschool land. I also typically eat a mid-morning snack which I also skipped this morning. As my stomach growled, and I thought of how delicious the juicy oranges would have tasted as I peeled them for my children, I prayed for Cindy.

You see, Cindy is a MoM just like me (Mom to Many) She has 10 little blessings - wow - which makes my 6 look like such a manageable number! She also has a heart for adoption just like me. However, there is one huge difference in our daily struggles. Cindy has been fighting cancer for a long time. Please join me in praying for Cindy. You can read more about her story of courage and strength as she battles for her life at

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