Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An update on Ellie and Lilly

We received a brief update on Ellie today. Our dear friend who has contacts in China was able to find out that Ellie has been released from the hospital and was "healthy". We assume she had her lip repair surgery and is recovering with her foster family. Thank you so much for praying for her. I have had an amazing sense of peace while waiting and wondering about Ellie, her surgery, and her recovery, and I am so thankful for that.

No word on TA, but we are hoping and praying that it may come later this week. This Thursday marks 3 weeks since we received LOA. TA usually comes 2 to 4 weeks after LOA. Of course, that timeline does not factor in the Olympics.

Lilly's New Bed
We decided a few weeks ago that it would likely be a wise decision to move Lilly into Katie's room so that we would not have 2 toddlers attempting to co-sleep. Katie has always wanted to share a room with a sister, and she was so excited to learn that we had decided to let Lilly sleep in her room. After we received LOA, we purchased a toddler bed and moved some of Lilly's books and stuffed animals into Katie's room. We purchased a Princess sheet which Lilly loves, and it has been remarkably easy so far.

Katie and Lilly both love sharing sleeping quarters! Katie is such a wonderful big sister and has welcomed Lilly into her room. They have so much fun together before falling asleep! We plan for this to be a temporary arrangement until Lilly and Ellie are a little older. Then Lilly will move back to "Ellie's room" as she now calls her room. She only sleeps in Katie's room, but I guess that is just too confusing for her. Hey, it's working and that's what counts!


Sharon said...

I'm so glad you received a little update letting you know that Ellie is doing well.
Lilly is just too cute in her new little bed! She looks so proud to be a big girl!

TA is just around the corner!!!


Cousin Sheri said...

Good to hear that little Ellie Jean is out of the hospital. Love the pics of the toddler bed in Katie's room.

Elaine Horton said...

Celebrating here in Huntersville, NC at the good news that Ellie's surgery went well. We'll keep praying for that TA!
Lilly is adorable in her new toddler bed! At least once a day Sarah Mei says "Lilly home"....and then wants to know when she'll come visit. It's too sweet how much she loves Lilly!
We're looking forward to our next visit with your family including Ellie!
Praying for God's peace and perfect timing. Elaine for the Hortons

Danny and Rebecca said...

How precious to have Katie and Lilly sharing a room! Samuel had his surgery yesterday on his lip. I shared with the family Jennifer is staying with about Lilly and Ellie today. I am in Greenville working on the horrible house mess and getting some Isaiah loving too!
love, Rebecca