Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lilly's Prayer for Ellie

Our family talks about Ellie often and of course we remember her in every family prayer. Well, just a week or so ago, Lilly prayed her first very own prayer from her heart. She put her hands together, bowed her little head, and squeezed her eyes shut and then she quickly said "Dear God, Ellie. Amen." Very simple but oh so precious! She now says this sweet prayer at least once a day.

A friend invited me to join her in a smocking class several years ago when Ethan was only a baby. Since then, I have managed to find the time to smock each child one special outfit. This is Ellie's dress. For some reason, I think purple is her color, and I am really pleased the way it turned out. Lilly wore the dress I smocked for her as her "Coming Home" dress, and I plan for Ellie to do the same. I can't wait to see it on her!

I have finally done a little shopping for Ellie. My friend Kim and I managed to get away for an evening when we were both still fretting over our LOAs. We had a great time and found some cute outfits for Ellie, Lilly, and her Cate. Lilly is still in a 2T primarily although she can still wear a 12 months in the waist for shorts but in long pants of course the length is too short. I purchased 2Ts for Lilly and 24 months for Ellie. I hope that's right!

We have not heard anymore on Ellie's surgery. We assume that she has probably had it by now. Please continue to pray for her recovery and healing. Also please pray that the Lord would prepare her heart to love us and trust us as her parents. Although we have loved her and longed for her for 10 months, she has not had those same feelings for us. We sent a care package with a picture album in it back in Feb. It was given to the orphanage director (thanks Becky!), but we do not know if or when it was given to Ellie. Kunming SWI is known for not giving the children the care packages until right before they are adopted. We know the transition may be difficult for her and so we also are praying for wisdom for us on how to handle her grief and that we will all be patient and compassionate with her. We'll post as soon as we hear an update.


The Princess's Mommy said...

So sweet. Love the outfits. Hope you hear some good news soon!


Bobby and Jennifer Barbee and family said...

We are still praying for sweet Ellie. The smocked dress is beautiful. We can't wait to see her photo in the dress. And, matching outfits. Those little Bryant sisters will just be too cute in those.
Aunt Jen for all the Barbees

The Smith's said...

What a sweet prayer for Ellie. The outfits are adoreable and we can't wait to see pics of the girls sitting side by side wearing their matching outfits.

We pray daily for Ellie. We pray that she had the best surgeons to do her surgery and that she has had an uneventful healing process.

Thanks for the updates and look forward to the next.


Danny and Rebecca said...

I have a little gift to give you today at church I bought and thought of Ellie and Lilly. Praying for all of you!
love, Rebecca

Kim said...

The dress is beautiful Jan! And I haven't seen the other pair of outfits- they are precious! Thank you so much for your prayers for Cate and our family. While there were days it felt like it would never happen, I feel like the Lord needed me to do a better job of hoping in Him! (That's easy ti say now, isn't it!) Anyway, I am so thankful to have you as my friend and make this journey with you.

The Smith's said...

You are so talented. The dress you made for Ellie is amazing.