Sunday, May 11, 2008

Country Living

Shelby and Katie taking a break to show off their piles of weeds. They are a huge help around the house and the garden! Thanks girls!!!

Shelby and Katie hard at work doing some serious gardening! It's a hot and dirty job but someone's got to do it!

Gardening by Fulton! He doesn't care for weeding too much, but he wanted to be included in the pictures. SO this one is pretty much a staged photo- LOL!!!

Fulton is better suited for picking blackberries- instant gratification. He and David picked a bucketful of blackberries from around our property. Yummy! Time to make blackberry jam.

Ethan helped a little and now he's tired and ready for a break- A cold Caprisun and blackberries!

1 comment:

Danny and Rebecca said...

What a joy to see the children helping with the gardening! I know they have done this for a long time.
love, Rebecca