Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lilly's first beach trip

Each summer we go to a nearby beach for a week of fun in the sun. This year was special because we had Lilly and because it was her first time ever to see the ocean. She was a little reluctant at first to even put her feet on the sand. However, it did not take long before she was full speed ahead toward the water. Her favorite part of the trip was watching the pelicans and sea gulls. It was wonderful to watch Lilly experience the sights and sounds of the ocean for the very first time. Enjoy the pictures.


Elaine Horton said...

I love the pictures of Lilly and your family!!! The beach trip looks wonderful. I know you were blessed to hear the squeals of joy and giggles from a toddler on the beach! Your family is such a blessing to us. Thanks for all your prayers. In Christ, Elaine for the Horton family

Lauren said...

AWWWW!!!! She is SOOOOO cute!

Holly said...

Precious! Love all the pics! Looks like you guys had a blast.

Rebecca and Danny said...

Great pictures!! Really enjoy reading and keeping up with all of you!
love, Rebecca

Gracie said...

She is sweet........that face is pricless love the pics

Cyndi said...

J, I was very excited to stumble across your blog. I was glad to see Lilly is doing so well and she looks like the perfect fit for your family. I have wanted to call but can only imagine how busy you must be. Give me a call and I will share our blog with you or you can e-mail me cc@sc.rr.com
Take Care
Cyndi Johnson

Journey2LilyRose said...

Lilly is beautiful.

Our LilyRose loved the beach also. The look of wonder on her little face when she saw the ocean for the first time was just priceless.

I am gald to hear that your Lilly is doing great. Again, she is BEAUTIFUL !!!!!

Lisa - mom to LilyRose - Chenzhou swi

Chelley said...

just been wondering how life is for you guys?

Loved the beach photos!