Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's Been 3 Months!

Life is good at the Bryant house! Lilly thinks so at least.
August 12- Lilly's baptism. She was quite a hoot and had the entire congregation laughing! She even raised her right hand after the congregation did. After the pastor put the water on her head, she began to fuss and then made the sign for "more". Well, Lilly does love a bath!

Our girls in their traditional Chinese dresses. Shelby and Katie wanted to celebrate Lilly's heritage with her on this very special day so they wore their Chinese dresses to church too.

August 4-5 - A few pictures from our weekend with the Barbees. Here Lilly and Lainie are "practicing" the piano as they wait to eat lunch at Lainie's grandmom's house. Mrs. Jackie had a wonderful meal prepared which we thoroughly enjoyed. We especially enjoyed our time with the Barbee family. It was such a special time and a blessing to finally meet the many members of the Barbee family who so diligently prayed for Lilly and our family during our struggles in China and during Lilly's heart surgery.

Lilly and Lainie playing together once again. Jennifer and I did manage to find a few quiet moments to talk (which was no small feat while being in a house with 9 children). We both are continually amazed and simply overjoyed at the blessings that Lilly and Lainie have brought into our lives over these last 3 months. How gracious our God is to have given each of our families such a precious gift in Lilly and Lainie and then to have blessed our families with a lasting friendship.

It's hard to believe Lilly has been with us now for 3 months. I just look at her and think how much richer and sweeter our life is now that she is a part of our family. I simply can not imagine our family without Lilly. Her smile melts my heart, her laughter brings me joy, and her touch warms my soul. I am truly blessed beyond measure!


Rebecca and Danny said...

Wonderful to see these new pictures! It was a blessing to be there for Lilly's baptism on Sunday too. She is blessed to have ya'll as parents and to have great siblings.

Lauren said...

Glad everything is going well!!

Carmi said...

What a precious child. I am so glad that all is going well for Lilly now that she is home. Loved seeing the pictures on your site and on the Barbee's of Lilly & Lainie together.

Elaine Horton said...

Lilly is adorable and looks so healthy and happy!! Isn't God good in providing Lilly with a great recovery from her heart surgery. We enjoyed seeing the pictures of Lilly and Lainie together and look forward to getting Sarah Mei together with the girls in the future. Your family is a blessing to ours as you've walked the "heart surgery" path before us and offered such great advice and prayers.

Holly said...

She is so sweet. I love how all the girls had on their matching China dresses.