Monday, April 30, 2012

3 Months Already?

Has it truly been 3 months since I met a sickly, frail, and scared little girl named Lei Qing Quan in a Civil Affairs building in Changsha?  In some ways it seems as if she has always been here, and then in others it seems like we were just meeting in that cold, drafty room only yesterday.

We have each grown so much over these last 3 months - she has grown more trusting and more in love with her family.  While I have certainly grown closer to my new daughter, I am most grateful for the ways in which I have grown closer to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I have fallen more in love with her yet also, and more importantly, with Him.  I have pondered His love and provision for this child and me - both His children.  I have marveled at His miraculous healing of my daughter's heart and the way He planted her right here in my family and how He has allowed her to blossom right before my very eyes.  I thank Him often for calling us to this dear child and for giving us the courage to say "Yes, Lord."  I thank Him for His sovereign plan in building our family through adoption again and for giving David and me peace to accept it - knowing many others would not support our answering yet another call to adopt one of "the least of these" - even if they believe in the Source of that call.  Over these last 3 months, I have reflected on how He  has provided for our family during this adoption and heart surgery - in big and small ways. And I am humbled.

 I thank Him for doing more with my life than I could have ever dreamed of, hoped for, or prayed for.  I pray that my life and my love for the orphan will bring glory to Him and lead others to seek Him in their lives. I love you, sweet Jesus, and thank you for loving me. I am grateful for the love that you, and you alone, have placed in my heart for the orphan.  It is that love that led us to this child.

This child of beauty - both inside and out

This child who melts my heart

This child who is so thoughful and caring

This child who has so much joy and zest for life - a life she has waited on for a long time

This child who is so eager to learn

This child who is so excited to hear - or read - the name "Jesus" and who reminds me to pray - especially for Mei Mei and Didi

This child who loves hair bows - big ones too

This child who loves her family - especially her mama

This child with such a lovely smile - who can also pout & whine 
(she is a child and a sinner - lest I forget!)

This child who has reminded me of God's love, mercy, and grace



Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


She is so beautiful and she has just blossomed. You can see the happiness on her face! I am praying for her two friends' family to find them!


Suzanne said...


Amen!!! And, amazing pictures of your beautiful girl! She is glowing!


Sharon said...

She is so precious! Love that she enjoys learning. She is a treasure, for sure!

Love you, Leiney Grace!!! :)