Monday, January 30, 2012

Lei Qing Quan

Eating lunch on "Food Street" in Huatian Hotel.  Basically it was a la carte Chinese food. 

Lei Qing Quan, as she is being called for today, is so eager to learn.  She copied the upper and lower case alphabet on the magna doodle.  Then she began to copy words from a book. In the above picture, she is wearing the 2nd and 3rd layers which were under the yellow sweater. 

In her new clothes which swallow her, but she sure looks cute!

Lei Qing Quan hard at work again.  This time she was writing Chinese characters - her name, mama, and baba.

A happy girl!

In our hotel lobby, also beautifully decorated for CNY, waiting to walk to the store to buy water, milk, and juice.

After her shower - I forgot the Huatian Hotel does not have bath tubs.  She did well in the shower with help from Mama.  Can you tell her hair extensions are gone? : )

Sleeping Beauty at rest after a full and exciting day!

What I know. . .

Today was an amazing Spirit -filled day full of God's goodness and grace.

God has blessed our family with another amazing gift - "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change" James 1:17.

I am so thankful we heeded the call to adopt this precious child.

She is a gentle spirit - took a tissue from her purse and when I wiped her nose with it, she took another tissue to wipe the nose of one of the babies who was crying. 

She is generous - after having her new and well-liked Wa-Wa (baby doll) for only a few minutes, she walked over to Amy's Lu Lu, 21 month old screaming at the top of her lungs, and offered her doll to Lu Lu.

She is patient - at lunch Amy's family was served first, she watched and waited for a long time until our food was served.  (Thanks to Julia, Amy's 13 year old daughter for the fries for Lei Qing Quan!)

She is tiny - under the layers of clothing, she is skin and bones.  All the clothes and shoes I brought are entirely too big - so much for those measurements.  Aunt Lu Lu took up the waist of  size 6 elastic waist knit pants today. Hoping that they stay on tomorrow as tonight they would not. 

She is a helper - she turns the lights off, she puts everything away when she is finished playing (Bryant kids back home take note!), she even lifted the chair after we ate Pizza Hut in our room and carried it back to the desk where it belongs.  That chair weighs about as much as she does.

She is smart - I have no doubt that she will be learning English very soon.  She is already repeating everything I say and is so eager.  She loves puzzles and writing and books.  She loves the Leapster too and has figured out several of the games already.

She is frail - after walking up to our hotel room following Gotcha Day at the Civil Affairs Office, I noticed that she was very short of breath.  Playing with an inflated balloon in the room also had her winded.  Her fingers and toes are clubbed. Now  I know to carry her like when we walked to the store tonight or either if we are going a short distance, we walk very slow.   We will be borrowing a wheelchair from the hotel when we hopefully do some sightseeing later in the week.  She will be in a wheelchair at the airport as the walk from the plane to the welcoming spot would have her panting.

She needs dental work - Lei Qing Quan has seen a toothbrush before, and she knows what to do with one; however, she must not have brushed very often at the orphanage.  Poor thing, has mulitiple areas of decay in her mouth.  After brushing her teeth, her mouth was bleeding ALOT.  Of course, the teeth take a huge backseat to repairing her heart. (Hoping our dentist or my BIL, who is a dentist in a nearby town, will be generous as we have no dental insurance.  On second thought, maybe we should get some dental insurance, honey, like yesterday! 

I am closing so I can sleep beside my Sleeping Beauty.  Thank you for your prayers.  I was a nervous wreck prior to meeting my newest daughter (I had good company because Amy was too), but I truly felt God's presence from the moment Lei Qing Quan walked into the room.  All my fears were gone , well most of them anyway, and I felt a peace that indeed passes understanding.  And I know just where that came from!  To God be the Glory!


Kim S. in NC said...

Rejoicing with you at the kindness and goodness of our Heavenly Father!!

Jennifer O'Cain said...

Love that God gave you the feeling of his presence while meeting Leiney Grace, isn't God great! This post just gave me chills and tears to my eyes and I'm so glad things are going well, what a treasure she is. Praying for her health and strength and for you as well.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Oh Jan, this just melted my heart! Leiney Grace is beautiful physically and in spirit! It's amazing how God worked it because we were into watching a movie, but we actually (more like Joy) noticed the time in relation to China time, and it was the exact time you were scheduled to meet Leiney Grace, so we stopped and prayed for you all!

I'm so happy! God is truly blessing your family! Will pray for her health as well!

Lots of love,
Tammy & family

Rebecca Sibley said...

I can see in the pictures what a great mama you are to Leiney Grace already!! Thankful and excited for your family!!
love, Rebecca

Donna said...

Beautiful daughter you have there!! Congrats, enjoying following you along on the trip.

Donna (Amy's friend)

Mary Beth Myers said...

Praising the Lord with you. Leiney Grace is precious and looks so happy. Grace & David love looking at the pics of you all and can't wait to meet LG in person.
Continuously praying for all of you.
Mary Beth & family