Sunday, August 8, 2010

I Survived. . .

my first week of homeschooling 4 students while having not 2 but 3 toddlers running around!

Fulton started the school year off quite early.  This was at 6:40 AM!

Shelby is in 8th grade this year and is taking 2 courses for high school credit - a little scary for me!  Katie is in 6th grade and really wants to go to "real school".  Fulton is in 4th grade while Ethan is starting 1st grade this year.

These 2 little ones did great.  Since they are going to preschool at a local church in a few weeks, they simply enjoyed themselves without any real "school work".  They entertained themselves while the "big kids" and I were busy doing school.  Here they are in our "play closet" playing Leapsters.

This little guy caused a bit more stress for this homeschooling mom and her students.  Here he is in "time in" for . . .well, I really can't remember.

Only by God's grace have I made it this far in my homeschooling journey.  I remember when I first started prayerfully considering homeschooling back when Shelby was in kindergarten, I thought I would homeschool only one child at the time - when Katie graduated 5K at the church kindergarten, then she would come home for school.  Shelby would then leave homeschooling and go to a local private school and that would continue until the last one came home for school.  Obviously God had a much different plan.  It certainly is a challenge now that we have 7 children, but God strengthens me and equips me to get the job done.

Overall, it was a good first week, and we hope and pray it only gets better!


Kim said...

Praise God for His Spirit who helps us in our weakness! I prayed for you and thought of you almost daily last week. Glad to hear that it went fairly well. When you stand before our God, you will be rewarded and you will not regret these days and years of giving your life away for the purpose of training your children to fear the Lord and walk in His ways!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Hi Jan,

So glad your first week went well! I enjoyed the pics of the kids! I have a feeling we will have some days with Luke as you showed with Hudson! We don't begin for another 2 weeks unless I change my mind and ease into it a week earlier.

I think about ya'll often! I'll pray that God richly blesses your family and homeschool this year!

Take care and talk to you soon!

Sharon said...

I know you are glad to have your first week behind you. We are starting soon and everyone is excited about it!

Trying to get it all organized is the biggest chore right now.

Bailey saw your girls playing and smiled and said, "I love to play in that closet, Mama! Where is Ethan?" LOL

Hope to see all of you soon!

strandfam said...

I am glad your first week went well. I know God will continue to give you all you need. You are a wonderful Mom. Thanks for your encouragement to me, I wanted to let you know we got our LOA last week. Thanks for your prayers and for your willingness to take something to our little one. God has blessed you with a beautiful family. God Bless you!

Cousin Sheri said...

Now you are into your second week! Know Ellie Jean and Lilly will love preschool. Hudson will get better. Yes, I know Katie wants to go to 'regular' school! And she would thrive there, I am sure. Aren't you glad you have been able to give your children such a firm foundation of knowledge? And of God's love? love ya