Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow, snow, snow!

Where we live, snow is a rare occurrence. Boy, were we glad to look out the window Friday afternoon and see flurries. What a welcomed sight for us southerners!
A little early for a snow angel, but Katie was determined to try.

Ellie was not thrilled with the snow. She said "I don't like being messy!" She knew better than to attempt a snow angel - unlike her sister Lilly - see below.

Ethan with our new dog, Bandit (from Little House on the Prairie - anybody remember good ol' Bandit? Only name we could all agree on!) He was quite the find at the local animal shelter. Thankfully he does not roam as Wags did but because he is mostly Golden Retriever, he does like to dig - not cool! A sweet dog who plays catch really well which our kids think is so cool. Wags and Lucky never got the hang of it.

Lilly has been talking about making a snow angel all winter - she finally got her chance. She decided that snow angels were way overrated as she did not like being cold and wet - obvious result of making a snow angel. Live and learn!

Please note that Ethan willingly chose to take his coat and gloves off when we left for our walk - despite his mother pleading w/ him to wear his coat w/ gloves in the pockets. He insisted he was not cold! Well, at this point, he was crying saying he was cold - not sure what he expected. Let's just say he is one stubborn little boy!

Sledding behind the golf cart - by far the most fun for the kids. They loved it and did it all day!


Elaine said...

Mrs Bryant, I just wanted you to know that I read your blog every week. I have never learned how to leave comments:) Michaela

Kim said...

Wasn't the snow fun?? It melted too quickly for us! And Happy Birthday tomorrow Hudson- we can't wait to meet you! See you all at the bake sale! Love, Kim

Cousin Sheri said...

Great snow pics! Can't wait to meet Bandit; John-Parker will love him, I am sure.
I am praying for you daily and for little Hudson. See ya next Friday!

Sharon said...

Your driveway looks like a winter wonderland! So pretty!!

Wish we could have some more snow to play in this year! It was fun!


Elaine said...

I love the snow angels and sledding behind the golf cart...classic.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

It looks like your family had a fun day in the snow! We've had 3 snows this year and we hardly ever get snow either!


Lilly's Family said...

I LOVED the snow!!!Sledding was so much fun! Shelby