Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas T-shirts for Sale

My good friend Sharon at "Make it Mine Monograms" ( donated these shirts for me to sell at our homeschool co-op today. Unfortunately, the turnout was not so great, and only 1 shirt sold. However, the girls and I had also taken homemade bread and fudge to sell so we did make a good little bit to add to our adoption fund. And a few sweet souls made a couple of donations too! Now, since the Christmas season is here, I thought some of you may want a cute appliqued shirt for your favorite little person! The shirts are $15.00 plus $5 for shipping. Please spread the word if you know of someone who might be interested. Sharon may be able to custom- make a shirt for you if you need a different size. Just leave a comment with your e-mail and I'll get back with you promptly.

"Ho Ho Ho" shirt size 3T

"Elf" shirt size 6-6x

"Candy Cane" shirt size 24 months

"Truck and Tree" shirt size 4T
Thanks for looking and spreading the word! Oh, a quick update on our paperchase. All of our dossier documents are in Washington being authenticated. Well, that is all but that one little piece of paper from US Immigration that we are still waiting on. We were fingerprinted on Monday, and we hope and pray the folks at immigration will get to our file sooner rather than later. After we get that precious approval letter, we should be DTC (dossier to China) in a matter of days. Praying this all comes together by the end of the year. What a wonderful Christmas gift that would be.


Jennifer O'Cain said...

Last week I was talking with a Dr. I work with at LMC as a nurse(I am guessing this is your sister unless I have the wrong blog). I had shared with her that I have an adopted daughter from China and then she told me about you a little (she was quite busy that night!). She mentioned you had a blog and I searched for it the next night. I have loved reading your blog and see that we have a lot in common besides having a daughter named Lilly (mine is Lily :0) ) and being Gamecock fans!

We have 4 Bio kids and 1 from China (so far) I am working on number 2 sort of...Dh wants to wait a little longer, sigh.

Your kids are so cute and little Hudson is PRECIOUS! We have also been in contact with Bay Area for our next adoption. We are torn between them and one other agency. Our first adoption was through CWA, who I see you have also used.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and that your story is an inspiration to me. You may email me privately if you would like to at

Sharon said...

Jan, I hope the shirts will sell for you! If you need different sizes let me know.


Cousin Sheri said...

Jan, I think I want that camouflage 4T. I can save it for John-Parker's next Christmas. I'll send the money after Christmas if I decide for certain.
Love ya