Sunday, February 1, 2009

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Our first Chinese New Year with Ellie! I just love this picture of her. She looks so happy! Well, eating is still one of her favorite things to do, and she just had plenty! She has really gained the weight these last 4 months. I didn't realize just how thin she was when we first got her in China. Compared to Lilly at Gotcha Day, Ellie looked like average size as Lilly was malnourished for those who don't know. For Ellie though, I think she was underweight and is now where she should be. She's got such cute baby fat where as Lilly has never really had any! So cute!

Lilly and Ellie in their new outfits that we brought home from our recent adoption trip. I'm so thankful that God called us to adopt these sweet little girls and that He also gave us the courage to accept the call. Oh, the blessings we would have missed had we said "No!"

Our crew after eating way too much Chinese food! As you may notice, Shelby is not dressed in her Chinese dress. Being that she is 12 now, I guess she felt she was a little too old for that. Aren't the boys cute? This is their first time wearing their outfits together. Ethan actually wore his to school one day despite our trying to talk him out of it- too funny.

How cute is this with the big girls smiling down on the little ones! Family is such a beautiful gift from God yet so often we take our families for granted.

Brinley and Bailey look a little lost without their big sister who couldn't join the celebration! I love how these older girls look so very happy with their little sisters. (Ellie and I were in the bathroom which is why she is not in Katie's arms!) Sophie and her little sister Cate are in the middle. Cate just came home right after Ellie.

Aren't these Asian beauties just adorable? I was overwhelmed with God's goodness as I looked at this picture. Five precious children, made in the image of God, born half a world away, orphans by the world's definition yet now they all have loving families who cherish them. How beautiful, how amazing, how perfect adoption is!


eastandwest said...

The girls are so precious and look to be EXACTLY the same size. Let me know how sweet Ellie's appt with the cleft team goes.

I didn't know you knew Brinley and Bailey. They are from the same city/ SWI as Moli! If you guys have another function together, please let me know and we may drive to [where you are!]

Rebecca Sibley said...

Great pictures! Love the update on seeing the children!
love, Rebecca

Elaine said...

The pictures are great Jan!! We love getting updates via the blog.

Cousin Sheri said...

Awwww! Ellie Jean and Lilly are precious! Shelby-you should have worn your dress, girl. You know you look great in it!
I second how amazing and wonderful adoption is-created by our heavenly Father!

Love ya,

Sharon said...

We were so blessed to celebrate Chinese New Year with all of you and the Smith family. I love it that all of our girls are at the perfect age to be such wonderful little friends.

To anyone reading this, when Jan says that Ellie loves to eat, she is NOT kidding! She really enjoyed her food! :) I think Lilly would choose playing over eating anytime! She is so fun and she gives such great hugs to everyone when she sees us.

Love to all of you!