Saturday, December 20, 2008

3 months with Ellie

Shortly after Ellie was given to me on Gotcha Day in Kunming on September 16, 2008.

The following pictures were taken over the last 6 weeks or so. . .

It is really hard to believe that Ellie has been with us now for 3 months (and 4 days). I wanted to do this post on Dec. 16 which was our 3 month Gotcha anniversary, but I just couldn't find the time. In some ways it seems like she just got here, but in other ways, it seems as though she has been here with us for much longer. Hard to put into words, I suppose. Ellie Jean as I sometimes call her after my late grandfather who departed this life one year ago on Dec. 5, is doing remarkably well. She is a quiet and easy going child- most of the time. She can, on the other hand, be quite loud when she starts talking. She will just babble and babble in the car and the other kids get frustrated as they are trying to hear their favorite Christian song playing on the radio. Ellie Jean loves books, music, swinging outside, playing with the play kitchen set and cooking and serving everyone. She also gets mad occassionally and crosses her arms and pouts those lips. She did that from the get go (after the "honeymoon" phase) so she learned that in China- if that is even learned. It is quite cute although we try not to let her know that because it won't be so cute when she is older. I could go on and on, but 2 little girls are waiting outside with big sister Katie for Mama to come swing them. We are all delighted (except for Lilly who might disagree depending on the day :) ) to have Ellie with us as our daughter and sister, and we thank God for bringing us together as a family! How good our God is. Praising Him for all of our many blessings! Merry Christmas!


Cyndi said...

Great pictures of the Lily and Ellie. I can't believe she has been home 3 months already. E-mail me your address I did New Years Cards this year instead of Christmas because I had a mess up with the first set of pictures. Merry Christmas

Rebecca Sibley said...

Love the pictures. Today I was thinking of you and thinking about it being a year since your granddaddy went to be with the Lord....I know how hard those anniversaries am praying for you and wanted you to know I care and love you!

Anonymous said...


Bobby and Jennifer Barbee and family said...

Adorable pics. Thanks for the update! Beautiful, beautiful girls!

Cousin Sheri said...

Ellie Jean,
I cannot wait to meet you and have you meet your cousin, John-Parker! I plan to take lots of pics so we can have a 'pouting' contest if you want to-because I hold the top honors in that regard, ha ha!
3 months ago, was I really down in SC watering chickens?

Love ya,

Wife of the Pres. said...

Hi! I was looking back. I didn't realize our Gotcha Days were the same day? They must have had more than one time or more than one room? I didn't see you there! Oh well, I just thought that was strange I didn't remember! She has come so far!!!

I sent you an email.