Monday, July 28, 2008

Ellie is Having Lip Surgery Now

We were informed this morning that Ellie is in a hospital now in China and is having her cleft lip repaired. We are relieved in some sense, but we are also concerned for her. We specifically ask you to take a moment and pray for her surgeon- that God would guide his hands as he operates on our daughter. Also please pray for Ellie's pain to be managed well, and that her surgical site would be well cared for after she is released from the hospital and would remain free of infection.
It's difficult to imagine her there hurting without us. We hope that her foster mom can be with her, but of course we have no idea who is with her. Surely someone is. I can not bring myself to even think of her being there alone.
Our God is the Great Physician and a God of comfort to those in need, and we trust now that His will is being done for Ellie and that He will bring her (and us) through this. Thanks for praying yet again!


Cyndi said...

Oh my. I can't imagine how you feel not being there. I prayed for her immediately and for the surgeon. I know you can't wait to hear back on how she is.

Leslie said...

I just wanted to say I will pray for her. Our little girl, also waiting in Kunming, was recently in the hospital as well so I know what you are going through. Please know that many Kunming families who have been through similar experiences reassured me that a nanny or foster parent would be there with them and that the hospital there is excellent. I'd love to share some more private info. I recently learned with you. Please PM if you want. You can send me a PM through our website:

Our daughter has similar SNs as your precious Ellie. Hugs and prayers to you and your whole family, especially Ellie!

Cousin Sheri said...

I called Aunt Lulu yesterday so she would pray for Ellie, too. Continuing to pray for her today.

The Princess's Mommy said...


Please know we are praying and praying.


Danny and Rebecca said...

We are praying. It is so good to read that you have such great network of "adoptive" parents to go to who have been there or are going through similar situations.
love ya,

The Smith's said...

The Smith family is praying for Ellie and her family as well. Please know that we are here for you if there is anything you need.