Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Few Pictures and a Thank You

Fulton lost his first tooth on Wednesday. He loves to hold Lilly!

Katie and Lilly having fun just being sisters!

I want to send a special thank you to the friends and family members of the Barbees. You all were so faithful to us during our long, difficult time in China. The comments that you left were so encouraging and to think that you took the time to do that when you do not even know us. Thank you for the prayers that you have lifted up for Lilly and our family. Words simply can not express the gratitude that I feel in my heart towards each and every one of you. To Bobby's sisters: You have showed us more support and love than members of our own family whom we have yet to hear from. Thank you so very much for your love and prayers! After hearing of Sunday lunch and grilled cheese Sunday dinner every week (practical examples of the love shared among you), we told Mrs. Jackie in China that we wanted to be a Barbee too. The love that your family has is so amazing. It is a gift from God as I am sure you already know! David said that he hopes and prays that we will have that kind of love in our family when our children are grown. Lord willing, our family does plan to come to Locust one day soon and meet all of you. What a blessing that will be!!!


Rebecca and Danny said...

Love the new pictures! I agree and have thanked the Barbees too for their love for the Bryant family. It is such a blessing to be in the family of God and share one another's burdens with prayer and love.

GRACIE said...

God Bless you all

Glad to see she is better

Crystal Moore said...

It is really the other way around...eventhough I have not met your family, you all have been the real inspiration to me. God's call on your lives as well as Bobby and Jennifer to adopt is amazing. What a blessing it has been to follow your story and pray along beside you. I think foremost, Jesus calls us just to love eachother. You are very gracious and I am SURE that we will get to meet you soon! Lilly looks so happy!

Crystal Barbee Moore

Gracie said...

Oh, by the way, congrats on losing the tooth

Lauren said...

She is sooooooo precious!