Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Pictures of Lilly

As we have been waiting for TA to go get Lilly, we decided to send a care package through Blessed Kids. Our package included 2 disposable cameras, and we requested their "camera retrieval service." As a result, we were able to get additional photos of Lilly, and her life in the orphanage. We just received these in the last few days. There are about 40 or so pictures of her including her sleeping in her crib, eating, taking a bath, and playing. We are so grateful to Lilly's Nannies in the orphanage for taking the time to take such precious pictures of our daughter. These pictures are priceless to us, and I know they will be so meaningful to Lilly when she is older.

We did hear that the CCAA is now reviewing our dossier. This is good news and can only mean we are one step closer to TA! We know God's timing is perfect, and we put our trust in Him.

I also want to thank my dear friend and fellow China mom, Sharon because she actually set this blog up for us. Thank you!!!


Sharon said...

We are all praying that you will have your lovely Lilly home soon! I can't wait until we have all of our kids together this summer. Wow......that's a lot of kids! :)

See you soon!

alison said...

I'm glad that you set a blog...I'm addicted to blogs. Plus I always want to hear more about a Chenzhou sweetie coming home!!!

Rebecca and Danny said...

This is exciting to have the blog to be able to keep up with the latest on Lilly and the adoption process! We continue to pray for Lilly and your family.
Rebecca and Danny

Melonie said...

This is a wonderful way to keep track of what's going on. I know I see you at least once a week (usually), but this is a very helpful way to stay current on how to pray. I can't wait to meet Lilly!